The Executive Secretariat of the Board

The Secretariat functions under the direction of the Bureau and the supervision of the Rapporteur. It has been established to provide substantive, professional, administrative, and logistical support to the Board. Specifically, the Secretariat organizes all meetings of the Board and the Bureau. It maintains registry of all documents and correspondence of the Board, and renders a general record-keeping function relating to its activities. It also provides the necessary technical support to Board Members in the achievement of their missions.

The Secretariat of the AUABC has been relocated to Arusha, Tanzania since February 2013, following the signature of the Host Agreement between the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the African Union Commission, in January 2013.The Secretariat is managed by an Executive Secretary and its organizational structure, which conforms to the general policies and guidelines of the African Union is designed and staffed by professional, technical and administrative personnel. The staff of the Secretariat is currently constituted as follows:

One (1) Executive Secretary,
One (1) Senior Policy Officer, for Legal and Political Matters,
One (1) Senior Policy Officer, for Economic Matters,
One (1) Finance Admin Officer,
One (1) Documentalist,
One (1) Driver Messenger,
One (1) Bilingual Secretary,