Entry Date Jun 08 2018 // Documents, Publications

How can governments and the private sector apply digital technologies to enhance transparency and integrity? This report looks at examples of digital solutions that contribute to better governance in African countries.
Two fields of applications are the focus of this report: public procurement, company registries and payments. In these areas, technological innovation can be applied to empower citizens, build trust in the integrity of processes, cut red tape and reduce corruption risks.
The report examines two country case studies in more detail: first, it looks at Kenya, which introduced electronic procurement in 2014
and is seen as a global innovation leader in mobile payments. Second, the report covers Ghana, where the Alliance for Integrity has promoted a business-driven, multi-stakeholder approach seeking to improve transparency and integrity in the economic system, and where the government has committed to open up public contracting.
The findings of this report are based on desk research and 18 interviews conducted with representatives of the private sector, government bodies, donors, think tanks and civil society activists in Nairobi and Accra in
November 2017

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