Experts’ Meeting in Unconstitutional Changes of Government (UCG) in Africa

Entry Date Apr 10 2018 // Events

From 2nd to 3rd April 2018 the AUABC Chairperson attended in Cotonou, Benin the experts’ meeting in Unconstitutional Changes of Government (UCG) in Africa organized by the Department of Political Affairs of the African Union Commission.
The objective of this experts’ meeting is to harmonize the AU legal framework on Unconstitutional changes of Government and elaborate on ways to institutionally and strategically prevent or address this phenomenon that the African Union Commission (Political Affairs Department) has launched the study on Unconstitutional Changes of Government, and to make the recommendations as the way forward.  The outcome of this process will be published and also submitted through the AU Mechanism for discussion and adoption as AU position on the issue. 
During the sessions, the AUABC Chairperson attended other meetings on 4th April with the Chief of protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Benin and the National Anti-corruption Agency of Benin. The objective of those meetings was to discuss on the AUABC out coming activities that the Republic of Benin would like to hold.
Chairperson with Benin National Anticorruption Agency