Composition of the Board

The Board is composed of 11 members, each proposed by States Parties and elected by the Executive Council from a list of experts. The Board Members should be of:

• Highest integrity and impartiality,
• Recognized competence in matters relating to preventing and combating corruption and related offences.

For the election of Board Members, the Executive Council shall ensure adequate representation of women, and equitable geographical representation. The members of the Board are independent personalities who serve in their personal capacity. They are appointed for a period of two years, renewable once.

The first Board was appointed for the period 2009-2011, and the current Board which is the third was elected on 31st January 2013 for the period 2013-2015.

Members of the Board
1. Mr. Jean Baptiste Elias, Benin,Chairperson
2. Mr. M’pere Diarra, Mali , Vice-Chairperson
3. Ms. Angele Barumpozako, Burundi, Rapporteur
4. Ms. Akossiwa Ayena, Togo, Member
5. Mr. Ali Sulaiman Mohamed, Ethiopia, Member
6. Dr. Edward Gamaya Hoseah, Tanzania, Member
7. Mr. Jacques III Achiaou, Cote d’Ivoire, Member
8. Ms. Julie Onum-Nwariaku, Nigeria, Member
9. Mr. Pierre Nzobabela, Republic of Congo, Member
10. Mr. Salem Ben-Gharbia,Libya ,Member
11. Dr. Tony Aidoo, Ghana, Member