Leveraging Youth Capacities for the fight against Corruption in Africa

Entry Date Sep 28 2018 // Events

Hon Elizabeth Fourn, Rapporteur for the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption was present in Gabarone, Botswana for the East and Southern Africa Regional Youth Consultation and in Casablanca Morroco for the North Africa Regional Youth Consultation whose main theme was Leveraging Youth Capacities for the fight against Corruption in Africa. She spoke at both the opening and closing ceremonies and was part of a panel discussion on the existing normative frameworks for Corruption in Africa.

Some of her remarks are captured below.
•      Corruption is not new in our lives.  It is as old as the world and to effectively combat it,  there is need for collective strategy from all.
•      Young people are often more creative in seeking solutions to problems. Their efforts to combat corruption may be more innovative and daring.
•      Corruption has eaten deep into the society and we must be creative in combating it. We have to involve young people. They are the future and that’s why we need to prevent them from growing up with the way things are.
•      The youth need to be supported and protected in their fight against corruption.

Hon. Elizabeth, Gaborone

Hon. Elizabeth, Botswana

Hon Elizabeth, Casablanca

Hon. Elizabeth, Casablanca